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education Ambassador of india

Behavioural Health Sciences Professional & Senior Consultant – Counselling

  • World Book of Records, London record holder for ‘Free Successful Counselling done for Couples and Family members through various organizations, including Police Women Cell’.
  • Former Prime Minster and Chief Minister Vice Chancellor of Brainae University, USA.
  • DEAN (Public Relations – Asian Countries) of California P. University, USA. Accredited International Mediation Advocate / Consultant (SCMA.UK & IIAM Delhi). Coach of Coaches (ICF Accredited).
  •  Working in Palana Hospital, Co- Op Hospital, Welcare Hospital, Rajeev Gandhi Hospital, Nandhavanam Hospital, Manomithra Hospital , Palakkad Hearing & Speech Centre – Palakkad, Kerala,

Extraordinary Experiences


    • Former Prime Minster and Chief Minister Vice Chancellor of Brainae University, USA.
    • DEAN (Public Relations – Asian Countries) of California P. University, USA. Accredited International Mediation Advocate / Consultant (SCMA.UK & IIAM Delhi). Coach of Coaches (ICF Accredited).
  •  Working in Palana Hospital, Co- Op Hospital, Welcare Hospital, Rajeev Gandhi Hospital, Nandhavanam Hospital, Manomithra Hospital , Palakkad Hearing & Speech Centre – Palakkad, Kerala,
    • Fellow of British National University of Queen Mary, Fellow of African Moon University, South West Africa.
    • Featured in Time Square, Newyork, MLE (Harvard Square).
    • One of the Most Influential Persons of the world, one among 25 people by International Newspaper (Egypt) “BAYAN”.
    • 173 National, International & Local awards, out of which 47 are International
    • Certified Counsellor for National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (Govt. of India) & India Co-Win Action Network, trained by NIMHANS (Banglore) for providing Psychological First Aid and Emotional Support to
    • International member of American Psychological International member of Australian Counselling Association.
    • Professional Member of International Association for counseling (Europe). Chartered Fellow Member – Central Christian University,
    • Trainer of Trainers (Govt. of India – Personal Department). Former Police Women Cell Counsellor.
    • Chief Mentor – Sports Education for Sports Academy Association of India. World record creator (WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, UK) along with Global Career Counsellor, certified by University of California.
    • Green Belt Certification for Career Counselling from Univariety. Learning Disability Remedial Practitioner, certified by Jain
    • Adolescent Counsellor, certified by Rajeev Gandhi National of Youth Development & Uty of Cambridge. Psychological Therapy certification by Pragyan International University.
    • Preventive Health Care Professional certified by University, Delhi. NLP Life Coach (CPD & IAOTS Accredited).
    • NLP Practitioner (CPD Accredited).
    • Nutrition Counsellor, certified by Institute of Health Management Research, Banglore Nutrition Ambassador of The World Academy of Food Security & Social
    • Professor of Virtual University for International Relations, Benin, West Professor of Park Group of Institutions, Coimbatore.
    • Professor of Madan Bhandari Group of Institutions, English Teacher Training Certification (TEFL/TESOL), UK. Meditation Trainer certification (Buddha-CEO)
    • Ambassador & Honorary Professor (IIU) India by International Internship University. International Vice Chairman, International Human Rights and Social Justice Chairman, Global Citizen Peace Federation.
    • PEACE Ambassador for INDIA, Global Peace Challenge 2020 (USA).
    • Global Ambassador of Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International,

Extraordinary Experiences

  • Consultant Counseling- Palana Hospital, Co-Op Hospital, Welcare Hospital, Rajeev Gandhi Hospital, Nandhavanam Hospital – Palakkad
  • Professor of Park Group of institution, Coimbatore
  • Professor : Virtual University for International Relations, Benin, West Africa
  • Professor of Madan Bhandari Group of Institutions, Nepal
  • Honorary Factuality JEVI International Mission (Youth Skill Development ) Nigeria
  • International Member of American Psychological Association
  • Professional Member International Association For Counseling (Europe)
  • International Member of Australian Counseling Association
  • Chartered Fellow Member,C.C. University ,Malwai,Africa
  • MLE – Harvard Square
  • Adolecents Resource team member-RG institute and Cambridge Uty
  • Works at United Nations Volunteers
  • Global Peace Humanity Ambassador of GHPRF
  • PEACE Ambassador for INDIA, Global Peace Challenge 2020 (USA)
  • International Noble Ambassador, UNRS, Nigeria
  • Ambassador, United Nations Peace Ambassadors Foundation
  • Peace Counselor Asian Of Global Peace
  • Fellow of ITOL-(STS institute). of United Kingdom
  • Member of The Asia Society of Researchers
  • MBR Dubai. Community Immunity Ambassador
  • International adviser – International Human Right and Social Justice Federation
  • Zurich-Switzerland, Children for future of us, Honorary Psychologist
  • Peace counselor Asian Of Global Peace Foundation, Dubai
  • Brand Ambassador DK International Recherché Foundation
  • Ambassador and Trustee – Africa Heart Trust, Zimbabwe
  • Volunteer International Human Rights Commission
  • Volunteer of International Organization for Cultural and Human Sciences
  • WHO hero against the fight of misuse of Antibiotics
  • Member of International Association of Ayurvedic Professionals Of North America
  • Adviser – Youth Center for Sustainable Development- Camerron
  • International Peace Advocate –Forum 36- Peace and Unity Africa
  • Dhara Ambassador of Dharadham International
  • VIP Member – United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • Global Justice World Peace Advocate – Global Justice World International Organization
  • Executive member –Peace Justice Humanity & Relief Foundation
  • International Educlouds Committee Member (International Education Officer), UK & India
  • International Chairman of the International GoodWill Ambassadors Board; IGA/ACA Board of Abundandance Consulting
  • Certified Counsellor for India Co-Win Action Network, trained by NIMHANS (Banglore) in Project SAMVEDNA, an Intiative of National Commission of Protection of Child Rights (Govt of India) for providing Psychological first aid and emotional support to
  • Nutrition Ambassador of The World Academy of Food Security & Social Peace
  • Professional Member of Institute of Global Professionals
  • Diamond Membership (Board Chairperson) of SAMACET
  • Member of International Association of Innovation Professionals
  • Member of International Computer Science & Engineering Society

Extraordinary Experiences

  • Member of the Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications
  • Member of National Institute for Technical Training & Skill Development
  • Professional Member of CAPE FORUM, India
  • Trainer of trainers of of India (personal dept), New Delhi
  • Humanitarian Excellence Award – International Benevolent Research Foundation, Kolkata
  • AHRI Humanitarian Medal – AHRI
  • Majhi Vasundhara Mitra certification – Government of Maharashtra
  • National Secretary National Human Rights& Anti corruption Force
  • Master trainer of Excise dept . Govt of Kerala
  • Director of national Child And Women Development council
  • Life coach and psychologist- I CAN – Bengal
  • Honorary Brand Lifeline Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice Chairman of Kidney Foundation of India
  • IMG trainer
  • Fr Counselor Police women cell
  • Approved counselor for Gen Edn dept for Palakkad, Mannarkad and Ottapalam Dist of Kerala
  • External consultant in Joint Assessment Team ,of Kerala State Aids control Society
  • Member of all India Media Association and KRMU
  • Global Ambassador of Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International (Peacekeeping and Peace building Academy), Nigeria
  • Brand Ambassador Cheran Academy Tamilnadu
  • Goodwill Ambassador, Educlouds (World Record Holder International Ed-Tech Organization)
  • Goodwill Ambassador – ThickNess Learning Community, Tamilnadu
  • GoodWill Ambassador of Abundance Consulting Academy
  • Golden Ambassador, United nations social council, Yemen
  • Brand Ambassador Gangothiri Trust Palakkad
  • Member, Advisory , South Asian institute for advanced Research and Kolkata
  • Brand Ambassador DK International
  • Honorary Mentor Hyderabad
  • PEACE ambassador for INFIA, Global Peace Challenge
  • Nominated Member of Kerala State Legal Service Authority for Adhalath
  • Chief Mentor Sports Education of Sports Academy Association of India
  • Mentor – MENTOKRAT
  • Honorable High Court of Kerala and KELSA used the services of the undersigned in the Adalath for counselling in related to family problems
  • Acted as online Counsellor of Adolescent Education of UNFPA (UNO)- Project implemented through Nehru Govt. of India. Approved Trainer for National Cadet Corps
  • National Faculty for Central Workers Education, Government of India
  • Registered Expert / Consultant in the Data Bank of MSME-Development Institute, Government of India and took various training for them
  • Worked as Resource person for Kerala State Aids Control Society
  • Resource person for Nehru Yuvak Kendra
  • Life Member-Red Cross
  • Resource Person-SIMAT (Government of Kerala), Trivandrum
  • Life member Palakkad Management Association
  • Member of Palakkad Trainers Association
  • Chairman of Counselors & Trainers Social welfare Charitable Trust, Kerala
  • Columnist of Manorama Arogyam and Aksharadeepam, Kaumuthi News Paper
  • Approved Trainer for National Cadet Corps

Extraordinary Experiences

    • Honorary Ambassador for Kerala- Vishv Samvad Parishad
    • Honorary Adviser-Mindfull happiness Program
    • Chief Mentor – Sports Education for Sports Academy Association of
    • Ambassador & Honorary Professor, International Internship
    • Chairman (South India), Anti Crime Organization B.S.F.(All India)
    • Golden Ambassador, Nations Social Council – Yemen
    • Child Rescue Ambassador, Iqra Foundation
    • Buddha CEO certified Meditation Practitioner
    • Meditation Teacher ,certified by Spritual Light Dhyan Kendra,Kanpur


    Author of the Book


    • Makkal Enna Mandhram ( Psychology) – Articles Public in MalayalaManorama Arogyam – Released by former excise mister T. P. Ramakrishnan
    • Ente Jeevitha Counselling Anubhavangal (Counselling Experience) – Released by Mr. Vaisakhan (Former president of Kerala Sahithya Akademi)




    • Took about 14000 mass counselling classes in the schools, colleges and residential associations, Established counseling in the grass route level. Instrumental in donating 3250 eyes to nation and arranging agreements of 375 persons bodies after death to Trichur Medical College (for- studies and using organs when brain death happens).
    • Converted one residential association of Palghat named “Manappully Kavu” Residential Association as the total eye Donating one and probably this conversion is first time in India. Solved about thousands and thousands family/couples problems working with police women cell. Write ups regarding psychological issues in the monthly “Malayala Manorama, Arogyam” is being noticed by
    • Working with Police Women Cell Solved thousand and thousand of Family issues AWARDS RECEIVED (Except From the Honorable President, Govt of India and Vice-President under signed got all the awards From fr Prime Minister, fr Governor, fr cabinet ministers ,Chief minister of Kerala, opposition leader of Kerala, Minister, IG, SP, Collector etc…, but one of my Project got President
    • Recipient of the International award “Hind Rathnan” presented by former Prime Minister Sri K. GUJARAL
    • World record creater (WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, UK) along with EDUCLOUDS
    • “International Excellence” Award by SUSHAMA SWARAJ, Union Minister (Did not attend the function so they have sent the Award)
    • “Vikas Rathan” Award by Sri SURESH PRABU, Union Minister
    • Udyog Rathan” Award by Sri RAWATH, Union Minister
    • Selected as one of the Most Influential Persons of the world, one among 25 people by International Newspaper (Egypt) “BAYAN”.
    • “Management Excellence” Award by Sri SATHYA NARAYANA REDDY former Governor
    • Featured in Time Square, New York
    • Abdulkalam Award of Navabhavana, Trivandrum Presented by Sri. Kureepuzha Sreekumar in presence of Sri Antony Raju, (Minister, Govt. of Kerala)
    • National Integration Award of Malanadu TV by Chief Guest of Function, Dr Teeka Ram Meena (Election commisoner)
    • Global Talent Icon Award by KGN Humanity Social Service Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute
    • GEM of New Millennium Award by Management Promotion Institute, New
    • Best Social Scientist Award from Orma Kala Sahithayavedi, Mannarghat,


Extraordinary Experiences

    • Janani Award 1996, Palghat for Social Work
    • Bhoomi Charitable Society Award for Social Work, Palghat
    • Best Social Scientist Award 2010 by Rotary Club of Olavakode, Palghat
    • Best Social Worker Award from Department of Police, Palghat (JANAMYTHRI) and Hope Foundation, Palghat for the year of 2010-11 presented by JUSTICE CHETTUR SANKARAN NAIR
    • Mother Theresa World Peace Award 2020- KGN Humanities Social Service India
    • Pride od Saurashpra Award by Bhavdeep Yuva Sansthan Gujarat
    • International Mother Therasa Award – By All India Railway shoe Shine workers Union- Uthar Pradesh
    • Nelson Mandela International Peace Award by International Diplomatic Organization for Development and Peace
    • Gangothri Trust Award for the best Social Worker presented by Chenthamarashan, MLA for the year 2010-11
    • Red Cross Award 2011 by Red Cross Society of India, for the best Social Worker jointly presented by A.K.BALAN, Minister of Kerala State and Dr. P.K. JAMILA, Additional Director of Health Service, Health Department,Government of Kerala.
    • Best Social Scientist JANANI Award 2011 presented by K.K. DIWAKARAN, MLA.
    • Saiseva Award 2011 presented by Professor Mukundan, State President, Saiseva
    • FRAP 2012 (Federation of Residential Association of Palghat) honour for Social Work presented by well known Writer, Mundoor Sethumadhavan.
    • Central workers education honour presented by Achuthan, MLA.
    • Confederation of NGO’s of Rural India, New Delhi honour-2013- presented by Ali Basha, IAS, District Collector, Palakkad.
    • OISCA International, Maanava Seva Award 2012 presented by Parvathi Warriar, OISCA South India Vice President.
    • Police Vanitha Cell “Shape Award” presented by MLA, Shaffi Parambil.
    • PN Paniker Award 2012 presented by District Collector Sri Mohan
    • CNRI Award 2012, Delhi for the Social Work presented by Sri Rajagopal, Former Union Minister.
    • “SWABIMAN 2012” Award of Rotary District 3201 presented by Sri Jayaraj, Govenor, Rotary Club in presence of Sri Cyric, Former Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala.
    • “SATH BHAVANA 2012” Award presented by Rajesh, Member of Parliament.
    • “KARMA SREE 2012” Award presented by Hon’ble Minister Manjalam Kuzhi Ali (Government of Kerala).
    • Kerala Governments Mirtha Sanjeevani-project-Nodal Agency- “Kidney Federation of India’s”-Good Shepherd Award presented by Sri Pal Meena, IPS, Police
    • Karma Bheesmma Award- orma Kalasahithya vedhi, Mannarghat, Award is comprised of a memento and sum of Rs 10,001/- presented by N.Samsudheen, MLA.
    • Manasu Award 2013 for Social Work by Manasu Charitable Trust,
    • Sneha Swanthanam 2013 Award – by Shri Radha Krishnan, Vice Chairman, Red
    • G.University offcampus centre Award-“Karmma Achrya”- presented by Shri.S.Gopinath, IPS, Inspector General of Police, Thrissur Range.
    • Innovation Award of Chief Minister, Government of Kerala,(Award also carry Rs.5,00,000/- to police women cell where we implemented the project) – by Shri OOMMEN
    • AHALYA GROUP SOCIAL WORKER AWARD presented by ASHOK Chief Medical Officer, in presence of Sri Ariyadan Mohammed, Honourable Minister, Government of Kerala.
    • JANAMYHTRI SURAKSHA PROJECT AWARD presented by G.Somasekaran, IPS, District Police Chief, Palakkad.
    • VALLUVANAD PURASKARA 2013 (Award carry 10,001/- also) Jointly presented by Sri V.C KABEER former Minister and Sri M.B.RAJESH ,Member of Parliament.
    • ONRI summit Honour – presented by Smt.Subitha Municipal Chairwoman, Ottapalam in presence of Sri.N.- Sakthan – Deputy Speaker and Sri.Hamsa MLA Government of Kerala.
    • Police Woman cell honour 2015-presented by T.D.JOSE Inspector General of Police, Thrissur Range.

Extraordinary Experiences

    • Palakkad Municipality honour presented by Mr.Vishwanathan Municipal Councellor in presence of Kerala Government Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson, Mrs.Shaffi Parambil.,MLA and Mr.Rajesh Municipal Chairman
    • Best Social worker award 2015in memory of Raju Kuriachan
    • Social worker honour awarded by opposition leader V.S.Achuthananthan kerala Legislative assembly on 14.10.2015 at pallakad
    • Social Activist of the Year Award by United Nexus
    • Indian ICON Award–Presented By Kadakampalli Surendran Minister
    • Swyabiman Award –Rottery Club 3201 Presented by Jayarajan Governor
    • K International Award–Presented by Mr. Ashok Kumar, Chairman
    • Palakkad Municipality Award – Presented by Jijithomas and Mr. Viswanathan Jointly
    • Certificate of Recognition- Institute of Leadership & Manila. Philippines
    • Member Certificate of Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International Africa
    • Rehabilitation Professional Honor-Manasa Charitable t Gujarat.
    • Appreciation Award- Representative of the Center – Tunisia
    • Special Achievement Award-Institute of Manila Philippines
    • Supportive Award 2020 – Council of Empowered Ladies International, Philippines
    • Membership Certificates for the dedication as Peace Ambassador- Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International Nigeria
    • Outstanding Dignity Award – UNESC
    • World Peace Award 2020 from Access to Human Rights International- AHRI – Bengaladhesh
    • Mission Global Peace Association Present International Day Of Peace Award 2020
    • Universal Peace Friendship & Brotherhood Certificate Of Appreciation Philippines
    • Awards – Connected with the Service of Kidney patient and Organ Donation
    • Life time achievement Award ( Kidney Foundation) Presented by Shafi Parambil MLA and Smt. Prameela Sasidharan Chairperson
    • Excellence Award- Justice – Mr. Dominiq (Human right Chairperson)
    • Human Rights Mission Award 2013 – presented by Shrijith, IPS, Nodal Officer, Human Rights, Department of Police.
    • International brand Icon Award 2020- by Manas Charitable Trust Gujarat
    • Ideal Collage Award- Presented by Sri Asha Menon
    • NHRCF Award – Presented by Sreeffi Thomas- Hon. Principle Session Judge
    • World Champion Certificates –AHRI Bangladesh
    • Adopted Son of Africa Award – Africa Festivel foundation Africa
    • The Pride Of Nation Award – Human Right
    • Golden World Hope Award – AHRI
    • Access to Human Right International AHRI (Bengladesh)
    • Global leadership Men Award AHRI Global Bengaladhesh
    • Golden Personality Award – AHRI
    • Tolerance Medal – Humanitarian and international Peace forum
    • Certificate of achievement –International youth society
    • Certificate of participation – International Conference on Global Crisis & Humanity
    • ‘Guest of Honour & Speaker’ during the International Conference on Leadership Transformation for Global Developments by Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International
    • Rising Star of the Year 2021 Award by KGN Humanity Services Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute
    • International Media Award by United Nexus Organization (UNO)
    • Media Icon Award 2021 Award by World Universal Media
    • AIAC Star Icon Award by Algilani International Ahlebait Council
    • Star of the Year 2021 Award by Algilani Foundation
    • Peace Advocate Award by Arbitrators Media Information

Extraordinary Experiences

      • Icon of Journalism Award by Arbitrators Media Information
      • Human Rights Activist Award by Arbitrators Media Information
      • Icon of Mediation Award by Arbitrators Media Information
      • Certificate of Appreciation from ‘National Commission for Protection of Child Rights’, New Delhi for providing Psychological First-Aid and Emotional Support to Children affected during COVID-19
      • Certificate of Appreciation by ‘Liberate The Women Initiative’
      • Appreciation Certificate by ‘American International Education Federation – USA’ for ‘Addressing the Unemployment’ International Virtual Conference
      • Golden Star Award by Union of Culture and World Peace
      • Icon of Arbitration Award by Arbitrators Media Information, Nigeria
      • Algilani Star Icon Award by Algilani Foundation
      • Prince of Peace Award (2021) by Union of Culture and World Peace
      • Certificate of Appreciation by Global Leaders for Child Welfare
      • Participated in International Edutech Innovative Summit 2021
      • Participated in Faculty Development Programe on ‘Effective Curriculam Implementation’ by Jain College, Bengaluru
      • Digital Journalism Certification by Reuters
      • The Pride of Nation Award from Access to Human Rights International, Dhaka, Republic of Bangladesh
      • Participated in 2nd IIU International Conference on ‘Impact of “New Normal” on Virtual Education’ organized by International Internship University
      • Participated in Online Storytelling Workshop organized by Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai and ACEnovation Pte, Ltd, Singapore
      • Appreciation Certificate from MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India for participating in webinar on ‘Plastic Recycling and Waste Management’
      • Legend of The World Award from Access to Human Rights International (AHRI), Dhaka, Replubic of Bangladesh for contribution in the field of Human Rights & Social Work
      • Nalanda – The Pride of Knowledge Award, 2021 from Igniting Dreams of Young Minds Foundation
      • Inspiring Speaker Award, World Peace Commission
      • Participated in National Webinar conducted by Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore
      • Speaker in Virtual International Conference, American International Education Federation
      • Participated in Educational Symposium, IIU
      • Certificate of Awareness from Cosmos World Records
      • Meditations Teachers Training Certification, Spritual Light Dhyan Kendra
      • Appreciation Certificate from International Yoga & Vipassana Research Centre
      • Appreciation Certificate by Shivabuddha World Peace Yoga & Naturopathy University
      • Keynote Speaker, SLEDDING 2021 by Edukos Unite Scholars




      • Sukumar Azhikode Award – Presented by Sri. Adoor Gopala Krishnan
      • Kaumdhi News Paper Award – Presented by Kadanapalli Ramandran Minister




      • Best Doctor Award 2020 (Flip Web Creations) – Presented by Babu MLA
      • Corona Warrior Award – NHRACF
      • Best Indian Psychologist Award ( Among ten Best Psychologist in India) – by Silicon India Magazine

Extraordinary Experiences

        • Best Corona Award – FLSA Delhi
        • Corona Warrior Honor- Advancement Association for Social Human Awareness Welfare Society
        • Corona Warrior Award- Manas Charitable Gujarat.
        • Corona Warrior Award from Society for Rural and Urban Development through Holistic Approach (SRADHA) Trust
        • Corona Warrior Award from Union of Culture and World Peace
        • Corona Warrior Award from Manas Charitable Trust for Mental Health




        • Best International Inspiration Teacher Award – Presented by Daniel Chumbru – Ambassador of Argentina
        • Guruvandhan Award – Ahaliya Group – Presented by Dhanthan – Science and Technology Advicer of the Chief Minister Govt of Kerala
        • ECO training center Sweden – best teacher award for efforts in the educational and environmental
        • Gurupnishad Samman – CWSIR, Uttar Pradesh
        • Best Teacher Award – Abundance Consulting Academy




        • College Shuttle Team Caption & Won C Zone University Championship
        • Member of the Cricket Team-Which Won C Zone Dist Championship
        • Black belt in-karate and Taekwondo




        HEALTH SCIENCE / COUNSELLING DLitt (h.c. California. USA), Dr Med (h.c International Agency for Standards), Doctor of Philosophy (World Religions – International Philosophical Institute, India), PhD (Psy.C/CM), PhD (h.c. Sports psychology- Zendo International, Turkey), PhD (h. c. Peace and humanity peace keeping and peace building Academy, Nigeria), PhD (h. c. Humanity and Social Work – United Nations Global Compact), PhD (h. c. Marital Arts Friendship Academy-Iran), PhD (h. c. Tulbu World Turkish Mixed Martial ART, TURKEY), PhD (h. c. International Philosophical Institute, India), Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission Doctor Of Excellence (h. c.

        International- Peace Keeping & Peace Building Academy), PhD (Human Rights International- Peace Keeping & Peace Building Academy. Nigeria), PhD (h.c. Listening and Leadership, 2020 – Abundance Consulting Academy), PhD (h.c. 2021 – Abundance Consulting Academy), PhD (h.c Ab.uty), PhD (h. c. Man of leadership & Humanity Mission & Creator for the World – AICHYCI MEXICO MORROCCO), Honorary Doctorate (Martial Arts Friendship Academy), Honorary Doctorate (counselling. United Nobles Rescue Services. SWEDAN / NIGERIA.), Honorary Doctorate (Peace Keeping & Peace Building Academy, Nigeria), Honorary Doctorate ( International Security And Strategy Studies College), Honorary Doctorate (Psychological and Humanitarian activities. AHRI And Light International Bible University), Honorary Doctorate (UNION OF Culture and World Peace), Honorary Doctorate (World Academy of Food Security and Social Peace), Doctor Honoris (Phylosophy and Peace Building with Degree of Excellency by Dynamic Peace and Rescue Mission International), Honorary Professor (Education – ITMUT), Dsc.am., SDRT, MA (h.c Ab uty,) PGDSM,PGDPC.(IHCA), F.C.Y.S.c.W,(Ministry of Ayush Govt of India), MDCM.

Extraordinary Experiences



              Corona Virus (WHO), SARI introduction section two health sect. mgmt (WHO), ADHD (Udemy) Hypnotherapy, excise management (WHO), Stagias of infection (Stanford Uty. USA), Standard introduction to food and Health (Stanford Uty USA),Psychological first aid (Johns Hoppins Uty) Covid 19, (St. Geroge Uty West Indies),EFT, Naturopat Colour therapy, Geriatrics, Cognitive science), Prevention of dementia, (Tasmania Uty, Australia), Ad.Health (Rajeev Gandhi institute, Chennai). Straggles to address soft skill gap (International journal of advance studies and research work. Special Education in mental Retardation (IQRA) Soft Skills (TCS ION), Global Career Counseling (University of California Los Angeles), Preventive Health Consultant Program (GET – Help India Online), Green Belt Certification (Career Counselling), Certification Course in Learning Disorder (BCCCC01) – JAINX, Nutrition Counsellor (Institute of Health Management Research, Banglore), Critical Thinking for Self Development (Metropolitian School of Business and Management, UK), Communication and Public Speaking Certification (JAIN University), Adolescent Counsellor(Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development & University of Cambridge).


                  International Mediation Advocacy and Dispute Management course (Accredited to IIAM.Delhi and SCMA.U.K.)



          Mini –MBA (IBMI, Berlin , (Germany), PGDMM,PGDFM,FMRP(MSPI),Introduction to production management (Amity Future Academy), Understanding Open Education Resources (Common Wealth of Learning, Canada. Introduction to Sustainable Development Business (Open University of Marutis, and Common Wealth, Learning Canada), Digital Skills for Work & Life (University of Leeds UK), Collaborative working in a remote team (University of Leeds UK) public health approaches to infection and disease ( Open University) Project Management( University of Teknologi, MARA, Introduction to Sustainable business (Ministry of Marutis and Common wealth Learning- Cannada) Honorary Doctorate-leadership-AYCHYCI-IFCH. Mexico Morrocco, Honorary Doctorate-Validez official Posgrado: International Forum for Creativity and Humanity. Morocco Fnayadak.



                    T.O.T (Trainer of Trainers) –Govt of India. (Personal Dept), T.T.T (Train the Trainer, Tata institute of social science), FITOL (sts inst. UK Govt)


                 Avagadra (IIT Bombay), Faculty Development (IIT Bombay), Member of International School Teachers Conference (IIT, Delhi), English Teacher Training Certification (TEFL/TESOL)




    • Resource person- All India Radio And Various Tele Vision
    • Donated the Eyes to the Donated the organs when brain death happens.
    • Date of Birth : 15.04.1959
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