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Honorary chairman - board advisor

Professor Dr. John N. Karalas was honored by the United Nations as “The Professor of the Year 1999”. Between the years 2005 and 2009, he served on the President’s Business Advisory Council under President George W. Bush (United States of America).

Dr. John Kalara’s remarkable career as an Ambassador of Change, with excellent Leadership skills, Innovation and Creativity, has assisted organizations in achieving and maintaining Operational Excellence with substantial growth and astonishing profitability. As keen strategist, John truly exemplifies the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to envision the long-term Global implications of a plan and offer solutions proactively. His main philosophy is centered on the promotion and implementation of a new way of doing Business and a new way of Education.


John Kalarus

Extraordinary Experiences

He has developed the
1. Alternative Mode to Business

2. Alternative Mode to Education

He has authored nine (9) books and both topics have their own book.

UNESCO recognized his contributions by naming him “The Professor Of The Year 1999”

This was followed by a congratulatory letter from the President of the USA, who later appointed him to the US Business Advisory Council. His long-professional career known for providing vision, direction, expert advice, synergy and effective counseling with large corporate environments (Fortune 500), is highlighted by a personal dedication and commitment to optimizing organizational efficiency and empowering others to succeed, enhancing ROI and corporate equity. With expertise in corporate reorganization, restructuring, development and growth, his deep knowledge of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Accounting-Finance, Marketing, Lean Manufacturing, Project and Operations Management, provide useful guidance and assurance to his team members. He is proficient in C-Level Leadership and Coaching, Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Logistics, Supply Chain, Performance assessments, with a serious commitment to continuous process improvement. John also realizes the significance of Management Brand Equity and unparalleled customer relationships, which is why he has elevated the service standard from mere customer satisfaction to “Building Client Loyalty.” A results oriented and quality driven strategist, excelled in these roles through trust building, skilled communication, perseverance, exemplary interpersonal skills, diligent devotion to excellence, team mentality and a commitment to inspiring those around him. Recipient of numerous awards, John has been honored with impressive accolades, such as the UNESCO recognition as “Professor of the Year 1999”, The White House recognition for Academic Excellence, Lt. Governor of Illinois and State Treasurer’s Award for Outstanding Achievements, Ukraine Poland, Greece.

At the Global plateau, John has assisted more than 15 countries in implementing effective operational methodologies at both, the business and academic arenas. A couple of years ago he was asked to serve on the US Global Leadership Coalition where the former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell is the Chairman and all past Secretaries of State serve as honorary chairpersons. John is a State Representative from Illinois. His direct responsibility is to assemble a “think-tank” which will identify and solve Global issues.

As a business strategist, he has designed 40 business programs offered in the form of seminars or workshops worldwide. As an educator he has served all levels of academia, while he has written nine college books on “Career Success-Networking/Interviewing” “Career Success-Resume/Portfolio Design” “Your Passport to Quality” and “To Plan Or Not To Plan” with Mergers & Acquisitions, and “The Magnetic Charisma”, “Train The Trainer” and “Broken School System-Broke Students and How to Fix Both.” All are on Amazon under his name.

As a key-note speaker, John has delivered main addresses at the Motivation Show in Chicago for five years, at the Manufacturer’s Show in Rosemont; IL. In 2005 he shared the podium with the then Senator Barack Obama, now President Obama, at a National Leadership Conference, Organized by the US Customs and Boarder Protection.

Recently he addressed a Senate sub-committee in Washington, where he presented his teaching philosophy.

At the university plateau he has spoken at:

  • Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
  • Ministry of Education of Ukraine
  • Kiev State University, Ukraine
  • Kiev State University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine
  • Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management, Ukraine
  • Taras Shevhenko University, Ukraine
  • Academy of Municipal Administration, Ukraine
  • Institute of International Education, Hungary
  • The University of Warsaw, Poland
  • The Independent University of Business in Warsaw, Poland
  • Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • University of Chicago, USA
  • Roosevelt University, USA
  • DePaul University, USA
  • Global Partnership Summit, New Delhi, India
  • Swarming University in Gujarat, India
  • University of Azerbaijan
  • International Youth council, Nigeria
  • Central Asian Productivity Research Center, USA
  • Secretary Of State of Illinois, Jesse White’s Veteran’s program


John 14

Dr. John Kalaras is addressing a sub-committee at the US Senate.

Dr. John Kalaras with President George W. Bush (United States of America)

Dr. John is the founder of Quality Trainers Institute, a training institute with over 30 associates-trainers; he is also the founder of Ariston University; a Global University that addresses eight faculties and will have presence in more that 130 countries, around the World.

He has also volunteered his services to community and youth organizations.

Displaying a wide range of interests, John has played soccer in minor leagues, coached soccer at the collegiate level and enjoys biking and horseback riding. John has a BA in Industrial studies from the University of Athens, an MBA from Roosevelt University and a Doctorate on Organizational Leadership from Northwestern/University of Piraeus.

Dr. John with the Secretary of State Jesse White

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